Come and say “Hi” to fellow students at our subject association space called “Kattila”. We are located in the B-wing of the Agora building in Mattilanniemi on the 4th floor (Ag B437). We share the space with the information and software engineering guild Algo. In the subject association space you can for example: make coffee or tea, enjoy the comfy couches, play video games, use computers provided by the University or get help with things.

The space also houses the P.O. box of the current board.

Kattila office hours

Kattila office hours are hours, when you’ll find a member of the board in the space, guaranteed. During these hours you can for example: collect your student overalls or purchase patches. Office hours are announced periodically in the e-mails of the mailing list, as well as in the subject association Telegram-channel.

You can also find board members in Kattila often outside of office hours. We also highly encourage asking for example in the Telegram chat if any board members are in Kattila.


Taking care of our environment is important for us here at Linkki. Thats why we use communal coffee cups. We also have great recycling option there are recycling bins for biowaste, energy waste, cardboard, as well as bottle recycling bin.

Because our subject association space is free for all to use, we hope that you respect others and leave Kattila as cozy and clean as you found it.

Coffe cam


You can check the status of the coffee cam in almost real time on the website, where you can also express your need for caffeine with the press of a button: kattila.cafe