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Jyväsmetro is an annual event hosted by Linkki, held during May day celebrations. During the event students tour bars in Jyväskylä and its surrounding areas via buses, which serve as a sort of metro system, thus giving the event its name. Sometimes, the buses are named after sponsors of the event. Essentially, it’s like a traditional pub crawl, but instead of walking, participants travel by bus.

For more information go to Jyväsmetro’s own homepage.


Instanssi is a yearly festival of digital making organized by Linkki and Hacklab Jyväskylä. The first Instanssi was held in 2010.

Instanssi is a beginner-friendly event that anyone interested in digital culture can visit and enjoy. Instanssi offers demoscene compos (competitions), workshops, presentations, and a friendly creative environment.

More information can be found on Instanssi’s own homepage.

Boardgame Evenings

Linkki arranges evenings to play boardgames together about once a month. These evenings regularly are on the first Monday of the month at Agora. Linkki has a decent boardgame selection on hand, however you are welcome to bring your own games. You can also show up and leave as you please during the evening.

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